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A Day at Nurture Preschool

Learning should be engaging and fun.  At Nurture Preschool, we learn through structured activities, singing, playing, dramatic arts, poems, STEM activities, and lots of messy hands-on projects.  While we follow a schedule each day, our presentation of materials differs day to day and we use monthly themes to explore diverse subjects.  We send home weekly newsletters and add pictures to a google photo album so you always know what you child is learning about in school.

Daily Schedule:

 9:00 -  9:45: Free Play/Community Building

 9:45 - 10:15: Snack


10:15 - 10:45: Calendar/Circle Time/ Introduction to our daily lesson


10:45 - 11:30: Outside play at Roanoke Park


11:30 - 12:15: Circle/Group Learning/Art/Science/Cooking/STEM


12:15 - 12:45: Lunch


12:45 -  1:00: Closing/Clean up

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